UAV Test Pilots

Why Professional Test Pilots?

Why Professional Test Pilots?

Choosing who test flies your UAV is obviously a critical decision but it actually goes far beyond just basic 'stick twiddling'. A successful test flight results from activities, for the pilot, that start way back before the aircraft is 'ready for take-off'.

The Amateur Pilot

Potential applications for UAVs are wide and varied resulting in the spawning of many new development projects. This in turn has created a demand for pilots the obvious source for which is the world of model aircraft.

Whilst there are many excellent model aircraft pilots, most are amateur hobbyists who fly a limited range of aircraft and usually in favourable weather conditions. The majority of amateur pilots will ask more experienced pilots to test fly and correctly trim their new aircraft. They do this because they have neither the experience nor the skill to deal with an aircraft that is anything other than aerodynamically stable.

Those more experienced pilots that perform most of the model test flying are, again, somewhat limited in the range of aircraft they fly and in their abilities to cope with those more extreme unplanned events. We have seen many high value model aircraft lost because the amateur pilot was simply unable to cope.

More particularly, the personal risks carried by amateur pilots are limited to the value of their aircraft since all other third party issues are insured provided they are a member of one of the model aircraft regulating bodies like the British Model Flying Association.

The role of a Test Pilot is often misunderstood. It comes under the heading of
'stuff I don't know I don't know!'

Why Professional Test Pilots?

Professional Test Pilots

First, we have full size experience. This means that we understand the world of full size aviation, its culture and its focus on safety, regulation and process. We are also comfortable communicating with Flight Directors and all of the distractions that accompany busy commercial aviation environments

Second, we have been working with academic institutions in the development of UAVs for very many years and, more recently, with commercial organisations.

Third, we have, for decades, earned our living from building, selling and testing the widest possible range of ‘smaller’ aerial vehicles and the equipment used to power and guide them. In addition, we also teach people to fly.

So, we understand the technologies and the science that allows aircraft to fly – or not! We also get to see the rigour, or lack of it, that the average ‘modeller’ brings to his or her hobby.

We understand the world of ‘business’ – how it works and the responsibilities and accountabilities that it brings. We take both of these very seriously to the point where, over the years, we have built international reputations with manufacturers and clients.

We therefore understand the world of UAV flight testing in ways that the majority of amateur pilots could not. Our skill sets, capabilities and business understanding far outstrips even the most competent of amateur pilots.

We have a high reputation for attention to detail, consistency of approach, a focus on goal attainment and protection of our clients’ investments.

In combination, all of these capabilities, when combined with our wide and deep experience, will help to reduce any potential erosion of investment returns and may bring your project to market faster.

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UAV Test Pilots

We are highly experienced professional UAV Test Pilots. The weight of our extensive experience can help to reduce any potential erosion of investment returns and, more crucially, may reduce your time to market.

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