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How we can help improve efficiency

How we can help improve efficiency

Keeping your expensive UAV asset safe when under test in the air – and keeping ‘time to market’ as short as possible – is not just about ‘reaction time on the sticks’.

It’s much more about understanding the machine’s capabilities, its design limits, mission parameters, primary systems, components, the assembly methods, production environment, flight test plans and skills of those building the vehicle.

A complete understanding of these things allows us to understand the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle and its testing regime. This in turn allows us to avoid placing the vehicle in situations that would unnecessarily compromise it's integrity, unless, of course, those aspects were under test.

So, any relationship between us would start with an exchange of information. We will set out in overview the information that we need to best help you accelerate your programme by minimising the risks to the UAV and its development programme.

We would then hope to receive an outline brief, insofar as is permissible, that responds to our information needs.

We accept and respect the fact that there will be aspects of the design and programme that cannot be shared.

We accept and respect the fact that there will be aspects of the design and programme that cannot be shared.

This then allows us to understand those critical areas that will require a special focus from us and, maybe, to identify possible opportunities for risk mitigation and any process improvements.

Put simply - the more we understand, the more risks we can help to mitigate.

Take a look at our Client Showcase to see tangible examples of how we help.

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We're happy to chat informally and without obligation about any of our services and, perhaps, throw a little extra light into the darker corners of professional test flying for you. Please call us on +44 7889 658202 or drop us an email at UAV Test Pilots and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

UAV Test Pilots

We are highly experienced professional UAV Test Pilots. The weight of our extensive experience can help to reduce any potential erosion of investment returns and, more crucially, may reduce your time to market.

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